Pet Exercise Guide


Same as humansPets also need exercise to stay healthy and happy.

If the you want to turn your dog into a running partner, what do you need to pay attention to?

Here are the little Tips for people to pet pleasant exercise:


01.Physical examination

Before starting strenuous exercise,remember to do the body checkup for them!

For example, older dogs are more prone to joint problems, and strenuous exercise may affect their running speed and frequency or cause discomfort.

Running coach Alam Blu said:

“Veterinarians can confirm that their dog is suitable for running and at the same time provide safe and healthy advice for the dog.’’


02. Puppies should not exercise strenuously

A puppy running on hard ground can easily damage its joints and bones that are not yet fully formed.

ASPCA animal behaviorist Sharon Velant said:

“The time at which the puppy’s growth plate begins to close varies depending on the breed and size of the dog,

The growth plates of large dogs take longer to close. ”


If your furry child is still growing, we recommend waiting until your dog is an adult before doing strenuous exercise.        


Different sizes of dogs the division of young adulthood is different:

Mini and small dogs ≤ for 1 year

Medium, large, and giant dogs ≥ 1.5 years


03.Warm up before exercise

Remember to warm up before exercising.

Making muscles and joints soft and flexible can effectively avoid joint damage.

Take your dog for a walk or walk slowly for a few minutes to sniff around and have fun.

After a certain amount of energy is expended, start running.



 04.Make a reasonable plan

Find a place suitable for people and dogs to run, start with jogging, and develop your dog’s endurance.

Step by step in the time and distance of your run.

Running coach Alam Blu said:

“Running too fast increases the risk of injury in dogs, just like people.”


After the dog can easily adapt to the running rhythm, the running intensity can be adjusted according to the actual situation, but there is a rest time of 1 to 2 days per week.

 05.Cultivate good behavior

If the dog is disobedient while walking, it is necessary to consciously cultivate the dog’s behavior.



06.Use a suitable dog leash during your run

07.Guide your dog to poop before exercising.

If they poop during running, stop in time to clean up.

08.Raise your dog to be by your side

Cultivate left/right running habits,so as not to make hairy children scurry around.and reduces the risk of tripping over a leash。



09. use Beejay pet toy to help your pets exercise!

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