• What do different barks of dogs mean?

    What do different barks of dogs mean?

      In the process of raising a dog, we can't communicate with them directly because we don't know the language.   However, we can judge the needs of dogs by their different voices. We humans will make dif...
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  • About Dog Adoption,these are the things you need to know

    About Dog Adoption,these are the things you need to know

    About Dog Adoption,these are the things you need to know: Dogs were domesticated by humans about 20,000 years ago and have since entered human life and work, but not every dog has been properly cared for and fed by humans since then...
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  • How to brush your pets’ teeth?

    How to brush your pets’ teeth?

    Did you brush your dog’s teeth today? If dogs do not brush their teeth frequently, over time they will form dental calculus and bring a series of oral health problems. The American College of Veterinary Dentistry says: “Tartar and plaque can accumulate on canine teeth like human teet...
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  • How to make your cat drink water?

    How to make your cat drink water?

    Cats need to be well hydrated just like us humans. If your cat does not like to drink water, the amount of water drunk is not up to standard, which may cause the following problems. Renal failure Urinary stones Dehydration Cystitis Tips If your pet has kidney urethral problems,in addition to th...
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  • When new life comes,what your pet will do?

    When new life comes,what your pet will do?

      When new life comes,what your pet will do? Dogs may notice your baby when you are pregnant, and will behave differently. There are some reasons. Olfactory perception There is currently no official study on whether dogs can detect pregnancy in humans.But there is evidence that this is po...
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  • Misconceptions about pet care

    Misconceptions about pet care

    Petting is not easy. If you are not careful, you may make a mistake In order to make the hair children healthy and happy life Come and avoid these pet raising errors!    Error1 Excessive feeding of pet food Pets don’t need to be fed all day, which contradicts the logic of scientific feedi...
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  • Puppy Care Guide

    Puppy Care Guide

    Your pup gave birth to small puppies and become a mother. And you also successfully upgraded to be “Grandpa/Grandma”. At the same time, it is necessary to take on the work of caring for the cubs. Want to make newborn puppies grow up safely and healthily? The following care tips allow...
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  • Pet Photography Tips

    Pet Photography Tips

        The holidays are coming, and it’s time to take pictures for your pets.   You want to post pet photos in the circle of friends and get more “likes” but suffering from limited photography skills, can not shoot the beauty of your pets.   Beejay’s photographic skills help...
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  • Pet Summer Guide

    Pet Summer Guide

    Summer is approaching, the temperature rises~ Before the midsummer hits,remember to “cool down” your fur babies!    Suitable travel time Try to avoid going out during high temperatures. Prepare plenty of water before going out. Perform low-intensity activities in the shade. Hot and ...
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  • A guide for first-time cat owners

    A guide for first-time cat owners

    For people who like cats Being able to accompany and witness Mao children grow up is a happy and fulfilling thing. If you are thinking about having a cat but your head is full of question marks, do not know how to pick up the cat, feed, care? Please accept this “Beginner’s Guide for ...
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  • Pet Exercise Guide

    Pet Exercise Guide

    Same as humans,Pets also need exercise to stay healthy and happy. If the you want to turn your dog into a running partner, what do you need to pay attention to? Here are the little Tips for people to pet pleasant exercise: 01.Physical examination Before starting strenuous exercise,remember to ...
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  • Beejay Pet Travel Tips

    Beejay Pet Travel Tips

    Spring has come~ A lot of friends will drive long distances to travel with their furry friends. In this way, you can carry your pets to experience the great rivers and mountains together! Imagine the scene of a beautiful view and your dog. Just thinking about it makes it beautiful! But the real ...
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